Walking Through Clear Water

by Krzysztof Honowski

Walking Through Clear Water is a sequel to A Pool Painted Black. While the ideas in these works were first explored through a performance, here they were developed into an installation.

This work explores the intersection of heteroglossia and opacity, or how to transmit and memorialise a multitude of voices, without giving everything away.

It develops on the conceptual focus of the performance works A Pool Painted Black and Kustom Kar Kommandos Karaoke, dealing with the ambivalent idea of how that which is consigned to the dirt will one day be reclaimed and renewed. The neglected object is transformed by the very moment in which it is unearthed.

The title of the installation is taken from the book Walking Through Clear Water In A Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller.

The work comprises 3 LED Lightboxes, 3 framed colour photographs, a single channel sound work, 1 neon element, 300 Litres of earth, Chris James dark pink light filters, and 1 piece of fool’s gold acquired in Athens, Greece.

Walking Through Clear Water was developed on site at the Flex Zone in Cologne and was on show there from 19th to 22nd October 2017.